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Welcome to my official site.  I know an official site sounds rather, well, official, but I’m starting to become a published author and it seems I should have somewhere to put things.

Anything that is on this site is canon.  For example, my name really is Ben Slythe.  Trust me.

I’m currently writing in more than one genre, and more than one ‘universe’ as well.  I have therefore broken the material up into things related to each universe as I have things to post.

The section entitled ‘News’ is set in this universe.  It is, in other words, the universe in which you are currently sitting reading this site.  If you find that the universe in which you sit isn’t the same one as the person sitting next to you then I can’t help you, sorry.

If you’re here to find out about me then I’m truly sorry you don’t have a more interesting life.  I suggest you take up fencing, both the sport and the boundary-delineation activity are equally valid and allow a person to work off irritations quite nicely.  Please don’t ask me for advice on fencing, I know very little about it.

My writing covers as broad a range as it’s possible to create without resorting to libel, or tabloid journalism as I believe it prefers to be called.

In my spare time I read other people’s books and in my spare spare time I am actively looking for a cure for vegetarianism so we can rid the world of this terrible condition once and for all.

I can be contacted via my e-mail: ben@benslythe.com
I can also be contacted on Facebook or, depending on physical locality, by shouting.
I suggest you try e-mail first, then shouting.

Please enjoy this site responsibly.



I’m reading stories at the Rochester Litfest in their Café Crawl in three venues in Rochester on the 10th of October.  My Magna Carta story is one of the three and I’m still choosing the others.  More information here.


Graham and I will be transporting the Yellow Plank to Bromley for the day on the 14th of November.  Come along if you’re in the area.














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I’m a partner in The Lacuna Works, a non-profit creative partnership.


Yellow Plank is the online presence of my publisher.  If you visit you’ll be able to see the other books and creative things we’ve done and are planning.  Of course then you’ll probably read books by other authors and I’ll get jealous.


My local historical society, The Faversham Society.